2020 North Carolina ABC Lottery Roundup

People often visit our site looking for information on how to find special bourbon releases in North Carolina. And many probably leave disappointed because the answers aren’t super helpful. You can always try to shop online or make friends with your local ABC store employees, but most big counties like Wake, Mecklenburg, and Durham will release their allocated bourbons in a special annual lottery.

Well, if you want information on local North Carolina ABC lotteries, you’ve come to the right place. We don’t have all the secrets here, but we’ll try to share what we’re able to. Below you’ll find a running list of ABC lotteries we know about, with any relevant links.

Potential ABC Lottery Bottles

Each ABC store or board will offer different lists and quantities of bottles. Expect rare and allocated releases to find their way into the lotteries. You can find a running list of exciting adds to the NC Warehouse stock on our monitoring page.

Here’s a list of potential bottles. We make no guarantees about what each board has in stock or chooses to release in their lottery.

Do you know of a North Carolina ABC Lottery that’s not on our list? Share the love in the comments and we’ll get it added! Sign up for our newsletter for updates on new additions.

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  1. John Roberts

    Thanks, helpful.

  2. steve

    the Pittsboro ABC liquor store in Chatham county

  3. Rob Traylor

    I have called the Wake ABC HQ every weekday in November to find out how to sign up for 2021 and been given voicemail which does not get me a reply.

    1. windleypratt

      I doubt they will open entry for the 2021 lottery until late next year.

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