NC ABC Warehouse Stock and Price Sheet Updates


One of the pros of the NC ABC system is that no matter where you shop in the state, prices are all the same (and they are usually close to MSRP). The quarterly price sheets give ABC store managers and North Carolina shoppers visibility into the prices set for each quarter. They can also give us a sneak-peak into what new spirits we might expect to see in stores in the coming months.

Online Bourbon Shopping

The Stock Status page is a bit different. The North Carolina ABC system sends all incoming liquor through the Wake County stock warehouse. This central warehouse maintains a stock status sheet on their website that gets updated regularly. This list is primarily targeted towards ABC board purchasers to place orders for their store. Some of the more heavily allocated bourbons are distributed to these boards on a lottery system.

For the rest of us, the average consumer, these resources act as leading indicators of what’s coming in the next few months. Sometimes its predictable, and the state sets prices early when expecting new bottles in the next 1-3 months. Other times, they get stock of something new and have to update the availability. watches these lists extremely closely. Below, we’ll keep an updated list of new discoveries in one or both of these sheets. Some bottles are found on the Price Sheet long before they are in stock. When a bottle hits the stock list, you can usually expect to see it in stores within one to two weeks (though it might be longer for some bottles).

This list updates within an hour after changes are found.

You’ll notice that not all of these whiskeys are new, that might just mean they’ve been updated in the NC system. I’ve also limited the list to ABC categories whose names contain “whiskey,” “bourbon,” or “special packages” (the latter of which may include non-whiskey items).

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If you’re having trouble finding something you’re looking for, we’ve started curating some great, available bottles from online retailers that ship to NC. Browse them here.

Here’s the updated list:

Russell's Reserve 15Y Bourbon182692024-07-172024-07-17117.2.75L$249.95
Remus Babe Ruth Reserve Bourbon182712024-07-172024-07-17111.75L$199.95
Jack Daniel's Sinatra324842024-07-172024-07-17901.00L$179.95
Bardstown Bourbon Collab Series Amrut184032024-07-172024-07-17110.75L$159.95
Old Route 8 Single Barrel Kentucky Bourbon184492024-07-172024-07-17120.75L$129.95
The All Malt Bourbon Whiskey672902024-07-172024-07-17109.75L$109.15
Savage & Cooke Bloody Butcher Bourbon BIB184422024-07-172024-07-17100.75L$99.95
Doc Holliday Bourbon231442024-07-172024-07-17117.75L$99.95
Savage & Cooke Howling Mob Bourbon Whiskey184432024-07-172024-07-17100.75L$99.95
Redwood Empire Grizzly Beast Bourbon BIB181982024-07-172024-07-17100.75L$89.95
Axe and the Oak Armagnac Barrel Bourbon184792024-07-172024-07-17114.3.75L$89.95
Axe and the Oak Tawny Port Bourbon184812024-07-172024-07-17110.75L$89.95
Willett Family Estate Rye 4Y224172024-07-172024-07-17110.75L$79.95
High West Whiskey Rendezvous Rye224042024-07-172024-07-1792.75L$79.95
Peerless Small Batch Bourbon233252024-07-172024-07-17109.2.75L$79.95
Hand Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon CAMO184742024-07-172024-07-17105.75L$79.95
High West Whiskey Campfire230102024-07-172024-07-1792.75L$75.35
Jefferson's Bourbon232052024-07-172024-07-17821.75L$74.95
Penelope Bourbon Toasted Barrel Finish247312024-07-172024-07-17100.75L$69.95
Whiskey Row Bourbon Cask Strength183862024-07-172024-07-17112.75L$69.95
Penderyn Sherrywood Single Malt Welsh Whisky183752024-07-172024-07-1792.75L$69.95
Nulu Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey184362024-07-172024-07-17114.75L$69.95
Saints Alley Port & Cognac Finish Bourbon185132024-07-172024-07-17100.75L$66.95
Glenfiddich 12Y Sherry Cask346372024-07-172024-07-1786.75L$64.95
Sagamore Double Oak Rye225472024-07-172024-07-1796.6.75L$64.95
Amrut Single Malt345002024-07-172024-07-1792.75L$62.15
Basil Hayden Subtle Smoke230692024-07-172024-07-1780.75L$59.95
Uncle Nearest Straight Rye Whiskey226752024-07-172024-07-17100.75L$59.95
Holladay Soft Red Wheat Bourbon 6Y238832024-07-172024-07-17100.75L$59.95
Willett Pot Still Reserve256102024-07-172024-07-1794.75L$59.95
Chemist Single Malt Whiskey666742024-07-172024-07-1790.75L$59.95
Whiskey Row Bourbon Bottled in Bond183852024-07-172024-07-17100.75L$59.95
Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel271062024-07-172024-07-1794.75L$55.95
Pinhook Cask Strength Bourbon233192024-07-172024-07-17117.75L$54.95
Smooth Ambler Founder's Series Rye Whiskey184872024-07-172024-07-17121.8.75L$54.95
Popcorn Sutton Master Blend Bourbon Whiskey184552024-07-172024-07-17100.75L$54.95
Charbay Doubled & Twisted Whiskey184262024-07-172024-07-1790.75L$54.95
2XO French Oak Bourbon232532024-07-172024-07-1792.75L$49.95
Yellowstone Special Finishes Coll. Rum Cask273262024-07-172024-07-17100.75L$49.95
Wilderness Trail Wheated Bourbon Yellow223202024-07-172024-07-17100.75L$49.95
Widow Jane Baby Jane255692024-07-172024-07-1791.75L$49.95
Jim Beam Black 7Y230662024-07-172024-07-17901.75L$49.95
Wilderness Trail High Rye Bourbon (Black)183512024-07-172024-07-17100.75L$49.95
Pure Kentucky XO251552024-07-172024-07-17107.75L$49.95
Conecuh Ridge Bourbon184502024-07-172024-07-17100.6.75L$49.95
Whiskey Row Bourbon (BTB)184972024-07-172024-07-1788.75L$49.95
Green River Full Proof Bourbon184002024-07-172024-07-17117.3.75L$49.95
Savage & Cooke American Whiskey305062024-07-172024-07-17113.75L$49.95
Few Bourbon Smashing Pumpkins183722024-07-172024-07-1793.75L$44.95
Peg Leg Porker TN Straight Bourbon183302024-07-172024-07-1790.75L$44.95
Keeper's Heart Irish + Bourbon400982024-07-172024-07-1792700ML$39.95
Keeper's Heart Irish + Bourbon400982024-07-172024-07-1792700ML$39.95
A Overholt Rye Whiskey182402024-07-172024-07-1795.75L$39.95
Widow Jane 10Y Bourbon Whiskey255722024-07-172024-07-1791.375L$39.95
Templeton Bourbon233072024-07-172024-07-1792.75L$39.95
Sagamore Rye225562024-07-172024-07-1793.75L$39.95
Town Branch Bourbon196042024-07-172024-07-1790.75L$39.95
Kentucky Vintage242432024-07-172024-07-1790.75L$39.95
Buffalo Trace KY Straight Bourbon183662024-07-172024-07-17901.00L$37.95
Maker's Mark242792024-07-172024-07-17901.00L$36.95
Jack Daniel's Black Label324862024-07-172024-07-17801.00L$34.95
Keeper's Heart Irish + American400992024-07-172024-07-1786700ML$34.95
Keeper's Heart Irish + American400992024-07-172024-07-1786700ML$34.95
Wheel Horse Bourbon182302024-07-172024-07-17101.75L$34.95
Madam Colonel Pistachio Bourbon Cream669162024-07-172024-07-1740.75L$32.95
Tullamore Dew Honey401092024-07-172024-07-1770.75L$31.95
Tullamore Dew Honey401092024-07-172024-07-1770.75L$31.95
Bushmills Prohibition401772024-07-172024-07-1792.75L$30.95
Bushmills Prohibition401772024-07-172024-07-1792.75L$30.95
Angel's Envy Bourbon229702024-07-172024-07-1786.6.375L$29.95
Northcross Irish Whiskey182292024-07-172024-07-1786.75L$27.95
Jim Beam Black 7Y230682024-07-172024-07-1790.75L$26.95
Ballotin Peanut Butter Chocolate Whiskey182112024-07-172024-07-1760.75L$26.95
Ballotin Caramel Turtle Whiskey182102024-07-172024-07-1760.75L$26.95
Kentucky Coffee234702024-07-172024-07-1766.75L$23.95
Ole Smoky Mint Chocolate Chip Whiskey Cream568002024-07-172024-07-1735.75L$20.95
Ole Smoky Blackberry Whiskey183652024-07-172024-07-1760.75L$20.95
WhiskeySmith Salted Watermelon182472024-07-172024-07-1760.75L$19.95
WhiskeySmith Salted Caramel Whiskey182462024-07-172024-07-1760.75L$19.95
The Copper Can Bourbon Mule 4Pk184582024-07-172024-07-17201.42L$19.95
WhiskeySmith Blood Orange182452024-07-172024-07-1760.75L$19.95
Black Velvet Canadian Reserve382912024-07-172024-07-1780.75L$17.95
Kentucky Deluxe Spirits Blend295712024-07-172024-07-17801.75L$17.95
Jim Beam Black 7Y230582024-07-172024-07-1790.375L$15.95
Betty Booze Bourbon Oak Sm Lemonade 4Pk183082024-07-172024-07-1791.42L$14.95
Betty Booze Bourbon Apple Ginger Cherry 4Pk183072024-07-172024-07-1791.42L$14.95
Wilder Whiskey Lemon Lime Seltzer 4Pk183552024-07-172024-07-17101.42L$12.95
Wilder Whiskey Grapefruit Seltzer 4Pk183542024-07-172024-07-17101.42L$12.95
Wilder Whiskey Peach Seltzer 4Pk183572024-07-172024-07-17101.42L$12.95
Wilder Whiskey Orange Vanilla Seltzer 4Pk183562024-07-172024-07-17101.42L$12.95
Kentucky Deluxe Spirits Blend295702024-07-172024-07-1780.75L$10.95
Johnnie Walker Blue King George341322024-07-1786.75L$599.95
Garrison Brothers Laguna Madre230412024-07-17101.75L$349.95
Exceptional Bourbon185342024-07-17115.75L$199.95
2XO Gem of Kentucky232462024-07-17108.75L$199.95
Whiskey JYPSI Legacy Batch 002296292024-07-17114.3.75L$199.95
Hakata Whisky 18Y Sherry Cask396862024-07-1784700ML$189.95
Hakata Whisky 18Y Sherry Cask396862024-07-1784700ML$189.95
Ardbeg Anthology 14Y GB 2024 Edi...347922024-07-1792.75L$159.95
Hakata Whisky 16Y Sherry Cask396852024-07-1784700ML$149.95
Hakata Whisky 16Y Sherry Cask396852024-07-1784700ML$149.95
Redbreast 15Y400092024-07-1792.75L$149.95
Redbreast 15Y400092024-07-1792.75L$149.95
Forbidden Single Barrel Bourbon234202024-07-17115.75L$149.50
Amrut Single Malt Rye396132024-07-17100.75L$142.95
Amrut Single Malt Rye396132024-07-17100.75L$142.95
Good Old Times Double Oak Mexica...234582024-07-17110.75L$141.35
Amrut Naarangi Indian Single Mal...396142024-07-17100.75L$139.95
Amrut Naarangi Indian Single Mal...396142024-07-17100.75L$139.95
Old Route 8 Single Barrel Kentuc...233912024-07-17120.75L$129.95
Mary Dowling Double Oak Cask Str...243002024-07-17125.75L$129.95
Forbidden Small Batch Bourbon234212024-07-1795.2.75L$129.50
Maple Cask Bourbon185352024-07-17115.75L$124.95
J. Mattingly 1845 (BTB)234662024-07-17117.75L$124.95
Willett Pot Still Reserve256092024-07-17941.75L$124.95
Arbikie 1794 Highland Rye Scotch...336542024-07-1796.75L$119.95
Good Times Creamsicle Bourbon272372024-07-17118.75L$113.45
Good Times Mexican Vanilla Blueb...272382024-07-17118.75L$113.45
WhistlePig Farmstock Beyond Bonded Bourbon194832024-07-17100.75L$109.95
Good Times Ice Wine Bourbon (BTB...234572024-07-17118.75L$109.95
Heaven Hill Grain to Glass KY ST Bourbon183182024-07-17107700ML$99.95
Heaven Hill Grain to Glass KY ST Rye Whiskey183192024-07-17123700ML$99.95
Heaven Hill Grain to Glass KY ST Wheated Bourbon183202024-07-17121700ML$99.95
Single Barrel Series Tier 3 Finished Bourbon (BTB)185392024-07-17115.75L$99.95
Savage & Cooke Bloody Butcher Bo...222752024-07-17100.75L$99.95
WWS Wheated Bourbon Ed. Finished...231402024-07-17102.75L$99.95
2XO Kiawah Blend - Bourbon232522024-07-17104.75L$99.95
Nulu Single Barrel Bourbon (BTB)244362024-07-17124.6.75L$99.95
Nulu Straight Bourbon (BTB)244372024-07-17112.75L$99.95
Redwood Empire Screaming Titan B...252162024-07-1796.75L$99.95
Traverse City Whiskey Co BP Rye ...226732024-07-17121.75L$95.95
Bull City Bourbon Club Private B...252512024-07-17115.75L$90.95
Two Bitch Bourbon Single Barrel ...253612024-07-17115.75L$90.00
Old Elk Port Finished Bourbon182492024-07-17108.1.75L$89.95
Traverse City Whiskey Co. BP Bou...233532024-07-17115.75L$89.95
Single Barrel Series Tier 1 Straight Bourbon (BTB)185372024-07-17115.75L$84.95
Bardstown Bourbon Origin Single Barrel (BTB)184022024-07-17110.75L$79.95
Nulu French Oak Bourbon184352024-07-17119.75L$79.95
Nulu Toasted Small Batch Bourbon184372024-07-17116.75L$79.95
Jefferson’s Ocean Wheated Bourbon206402024-07-1790.75L$79.95
10th Mountain American Single Ma...314202024-07-1790.75L$79.95
Arran Port Finish348482024-07-17100700ML$79.95
Arran Sauternes Finish348492024-07-17100700ML$79.95
Adictivo Small Batch Whiskey402762024-07-1780.75L$79.95
Adictivo Small Batch Whiskey402762024-07-1780.75L$79.95
Hand Barrel Double Oak Kentucky Straight Bourbon184732024-07-17105.75L$74.95
Ry3 Whiskey Rum Cask Single Barrel185112024-07-17120.75L$74.95
Ry3 Whiskey Toasted Barrel Single Barrel185122024-07-17120.75L$74.95
Balcones Texas Rye Single Barrel...312612024-07-17120.75L$74.95
Mary Dowling Tequila Barrels Fin...314622024-07-1793.75L$74.95
Ry3 Whiskey Madeira Cask Single Barrel185102024-07-17120.75L$72.95
Dewar's 18Y339402024-07-1780.75L$70.35
Two Bitch Bourbon Small Batch Wi...253622024-07-17100.75L$70.00
Whiskey Row Bourbon Cask Strength (BTB)184992024-07-17112.75L$69.95
O&E 4Grain French Limo & Cog / O...231912024-07-17114.75L$69.95
High West Cask Collection Vermou...232382024-07-17103.75L$69.95
Whiskey JYPSI Explorer234692024-07-17103.75L$69.95
Noah's Mill244002024-07-17114.3.75L$69.95
Keeper's Heart Irish American To...316302024-07-17110700ML$69.95
Keeper's Heart Irish-American Ic...316312024-07-17110700ML$69.95
Von Payne Black296152024-07-1790.75L$69.50
New Riff 8Y Bourbon183902024-07-17100.75L$67.95
Hand Barrel Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon184762024-07-17105.75L$64.95
New Riff 6Y 100 Proof Malted Rye226632024-07-17100.75L$64.95
Old Forge Distillery Straight Bo...236752024-07-1789.75L$64.95
Drumshanbo Single Pot Still Iris...400392024-07-1786.75L$63.95
Drumshanbo Single Pot Still Iris...400392024-07-1786.75L$63.95
Bluegrass Distillers Toasted Oak...233372024-07-17100.75L$62.95
Green River Single Barrel Bourbon (BTB)183992024-07-17119.75L$59.95
Whiskey Row Bourbon Bottled in Bond (BTB)184982024-07-17100.75L$59.95
Oak & Eden Reserve Bourbon & Amb...231922024-07-17100.75L$59.95
Bulleit Bourbon Single Barrel (B...270292024-07-17104.75L$59.95
Southern Star Bourbon Private Se...663832024-07-17110.75L$59.95
Doc Porter Bourbon664242024-07-1790.75L$58.00
New Riff SB Rye Barrel Strength226652024-07-17100.75L$57.95
Madam Colonel Bourbon669642024-07-1786.75L$57.95
Two Bitch Bourbon Eureka Gold253602024-07-1792.75L$57.00
Momentum Bourbon672102024-07-1780.75L$56.95
Old Hillside KSBW Love (BTB)231472024-07-1797.75L$54.95
Traverse City Whiskey Co. XXX St...233542024-07-1795.75L$54.95
Ezra Brooks Full Proof Single Ba...236852024-07-17120.75L$54.95
New Riff SB Bourbon Barrel Stren...234812024-07-17100.75L$52.95
10th Mountain Rye226602024-07-1786.75L$49.95
S&C Bourbon Custom Blended (BTB)231982024-07-17100.75L$49.95
Rebel 100 6Y Bourbon237232024-07-17100.75L$49.95
Rowan's Creek Bourbon252322024-07-17100.1.75L$49.95
Stranahan's Blue Peak Empire Rye...313972024-07-1786.75L$47.95
Stranahan's Blue Peak Kentucky B...313982024-07-1786.75L$47.95
Stranahan's Blue Peak NY Bourbon...313992024-07-17110.75L$47.95
West Cork Black Cask400772024-07-1780.75L$47.95
West Cork Black Cask400772024-07-1780.75L$47.95
Kings County Distillery Coffee W...330392024-07-1780.75L$47.75
Basil Hayden Bourbon230472024-07-17801.00L$46.95
New Riff KY Straight Rye BIB226642024-07-17100.75L$45.95
Johnny Drum Private Stock241282024-07-17101.75L$45.95
Weldon Mills Bourbon Barrel Gin672912024-07-1790.75L$45.00
Knob Creek Bourbon X Rye Blend181682024-07-17113.75L$44.95
Hirsch White Single Barrel Bourb...230242024-07-17110.75L$44.95
VHW Cask Strength Port Finished314092024-07-17118700ML$44.95
New Riff Straight Bourbon BIB221602024-07-17100.75L$42.95
VDC Blue Ridge Select314062024-07-1793700ML$39.95
VDC Cabernet Cask Finished ASM314072024-07-1793700ML$39.95
VDC Hardywood Gingerbread Stout ...314082024-07-1793700ML$39.95
Shaku Coffee397702024-07-1780700ML$39.95
Shaku Coffee397702024-07-1780700ML$39.95
Shaku Japanese Style Original Sh...397712024-07-1780700ML$39.95
Shaku Japanese Style Original Sh...397712024-07-1780700ML$39.95
Shaku Peach397722024-07-1780700ML$39.95
Shaku Peach397722024-07-1780700ML$39.95
FJW Bourbon Whiskey668102024-07-1790.75L$38.45
Kings County Distillery Spiced W...330402024-07-1780.75L$38.10
Greenwood Whiskey226152024-07-1784.75L$35.95
Pitch Black Bourbon272922024-07-1780.75L$35.95
Bear Fight Bourbon664762024-07-1790.75L$35.00
Green River Rye226132024-07-1795.75L$34.95
Five Springs Blood Orange Infuse...316402024-07-1770.75L$34.95
Five Springs Honey Sage Infused ...316412024-07-1770.75L$34.95
Five Springs Van Maple Infused B...316422024-07-1770.75L$34.95
Hardhide Ponchatoula Strawberry ...316142024-07-1743.75L$34.25
New Riff Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin410002024-07-1794.75L$33.95
Mash & Mallow S'Mores314632024-07-1770.75L$32.95
West Cork Bourbon Cask400782024-07-1780.75L$32.95
West Cork Bourbon Cask400782024-07-1780.75L$32.95
Greenwood Celebration Caramel Fl...316472024-07-1770.75L$30.60
Red Hazel Spiced Whiskey314952024-07-1770.75L$30.00
Old Bardstown 90 Proof251542024-07-1790.75L$27.95
Three Chord Bourbon Cream273062024-07-1733.75L$24.95
BSB 70316132024-07-1770.75L$24.95
Sugarlands Mountain Legacy Corn ...333692024-07-17120.75L$24.95
Traverse City Whiskey Prem 6Y Bo...522732024-07-1774.375L$24.95
Old Forge Distillery Moonshine B...332512024-07-1760.75L$22.95
Old Forge Distillery Moonshine C...332522024-07-1760.75L$22.95
Old Forge Distillery Moonshine O...332532024-07-1760.75L$22.95
Old Forge Distillery Moonshine V...332542024-07-1760.75L$22.95
Old Forge Distillery Moonshine B...332552024-07-1760.75L$22.95
Old Forge Distillery Moonshine P...332562024-07-1760.75L$22.95
Old Forge Distillery Rocky Top C...332572024-07-17100.75L$22.95
Boon Dog American Whiskey670142024-07-1780.75L$22.95
Boon Dog Candy Apple Whiskey670152024-07-1770.75L$22.95
Jim Beam 4Y240952024-07-17801.00L$19.95
Traverse City Whiskey Cherry Old...522722024-07-1754.375L$19.95
Thunder Bitch379432024-07-1760700ML$17.95
Crown Royal Whiskey Sour517552024-07-1746.375L$13.95
Ole Smoky Cookie Dough Whiskey215302024-07-176050ML$1.95
Brown Sugar Bourbon212492024-07-177050ML$0.95
Sheep Dog Peanut Butter Whiskey212602024-07-177050ML$0.95
Woodford Reserve Derby Baccarat ...232392024-07-1790.4700ML
Glenmorangie 23Y Azuma Makoto LE344092024-07-1792700ML
Balvenie 30Y345782024-07-1794.6.75L

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  1. Ren

    I’m not new to drinking bourbon, but I am new to exploring different brands and learning more about what I’m actually consuming. Like all that have come before me I suppose, I’m finding it frustrating trying to figure out how to get my hands on all the different bottles I read and hear about. The employees at my local ABC store (Kinston, Lenoir County) say “our trucks come on Wednesdays, but we have no idea what is going to be on them.” I believe them when they say they don’t know, but someone is placing those orders, right? Is there truly no way to figure out what is coming ahead of time?
    I appreciate the site you have put together to help with my above question, but I could use some clarification. What precisely is the difference in the “found date” and “first stock?” For example, the Maker’s 2021 FE-01 doesn’t have a “First Stock” date, but it has already come and gone at the Kinston ABC Store. It arrived this past Wednesday Feb 24th. I was lucky enough to go in after the truck arrived and pick up the third to last bottle. Is that how this game really works? Is there truly no better way than just calling the local ABC store every Wednesday and asking “Hey what came on the truck today?” I hate to be a pest. I can only imagine how annoying it must be for the employees to constantly be fielding phone calls every Wednesday. I’d like to be able to predict what’s coming down the pipe with a little more consistency. Thanks for the help.

    1. ncwhiskey

      I Ren. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, and welcome to the bourbon community. I agree it can be frustrating to try and understand when and where bottles will show up. Even when they come through the state warehouse, it’s hard to know when they’ll get to various areas around the state, and then it’s up to the local boards to distribute. It’s not always the most transparent process. The way I understand it, someone is placing orders, but if it’s an allocated bottle then it might still go through a State lottery to determine which boards get them. Otherwise, they might know they ordered something, but not be sure which week the shipment of that will come in. I have a contact at one of the board warehouses who says they sometimes wait weeks for something they ordered, and they may never get them if the lottery doesn’t fall in their favor.

      As for the Maker’s Mark FAE-01, the discrepancy in this table comes down to me not having updated it since the 19th of February. Looks like the first stock hit the warehouse on the 22nd. I’m on the hunt for a couple bottles of this myself, and still haven’t found it yet. Anyway, you’ve encouraged me to try and automate this table so it updates with better frequency. It won’t be able to tell you when it’s hitting Kinston, but maybe you’ll be able to work out a pattern for when deliveries happen after they hit the state warehouse. But thanks to you, the new version of the table is now updated automatically several times a day with any new changes, and is searchable and sortable.

      Feel free to connect on Instagram if you want to chat more: @ncwhiskey

  2. Ren

    Hey thanks for the reply. I’m glad I could help out, lol. As for the Maker’s, I just got lucky… Thanks and i’ll be sure to keep track of the site and see if I can’t figure out a pattern

    1. J

      I’m in Kinston as well and find it frustrating on the stock of less common bottles. I will say they do have a lottery in late fall where they distribute bottles they have saved and not put on the shelf throughout the year. I would be on the lookout for the announcement on the door.

  3. Eric T. White

    How is it that you can go thru the secondary market & find Blanton’s all day long, but might be a year to get one bottle Thru NC ABC, if your lucky. Seems to me that more should be allocated toward the state ABC system than say woodencork.

  4. Nunya

    Appears all the allocated bourbons no longer are listed in warehouse stocks as of 9/1

  5. Greg

    What does (BTB) mean?

    1. ncwhiskey

      (BTB) in these lists is NC code for “Buy The Barrel”, so this indicates a single barrel select version of the bourbon.

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