NC ABC Warehouse Stock and Price Sheet Updates

Last updated: 2020-12-01


One of the pros of the NC ABC system is that no matter where you shop in the state, prices are all the same (and they are usually close to MSRP). The quarterly price sheets give ABC store managers and North Carolina shoppers visibility into the prices set for each quarter. They can also give us a sneak-peak into what new spirits we might expect to see in stores in the coming months.

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The Stock Status page is a bit different. The North Carolina ABC system sends all incoming liquor through the Wake County stock warehouse. This central warehouse maintains a stock status sheet on their website that gets updated regularly. This list is primarily targeted towards ABC board purchasers to place orders for their store. Some of the more heavily allocated bourbons are distributed to these boards on a lottery system.

For the rest of us, the average consumer, these resources act as leading indicators of what’s coming in the next few months. Sometimes its predictable, and the state sets prices early when expecting new bottles in the next 1-3 months. Other times, they get stock of something new and have to update the availability. watches these lists extremely closely. Below, we’ll keep an updated list of new discoveries in one or both of these sheets. Some bottles are found on the Price Sheet long before they are in stock. When a bottle hits the stock list, you can usually expect to see it in stores within one to two weeks (though it might be longer for some bottles.

You’ll notice that not all of these whiskeys are new, that might just mean they’ve been updated in the NC system. I’ve also limited the list to ABC categories whose names contain “whiskey,” “bourbon,” or “special packages” (the latter of which may include non-whiskey items).

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Notable standouts from the November 1st update:

  • Stagg Jr.
  • Abraham Bowman Limited Edition
  • Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch #9
  • Conviction 1929 Double Oaked
  • Widow Jane 10Y

There are also many great scotches, tequilas, and holiday packs coming up soon.

Found DateFirst StockName/DescriptionSizePrice
2020-11-252020-12-01Widow Jane 10Y.75L$74.95
2020-11-252020-11-30Stagg Jr Bourbon.75L$49.95
2020-11-252020-11-25Krupnikas Winter Cranberry.75L$36.00
2020-11-25Rockfish Whiskey.75L$24.95
2020-11-25Southern Roots Whiskey.75L$24.95
2020-11-25Tequila Rose & 360 Dbl Chocolate Gift Box.50L$12.90
2020-11-17Kentucky Owl Straight Rye.75L$199.95
2020-11-17Abraham Bowman Limited Ed..75L$69.95
2020-11-13Hakushu 18Y.75L$350.95
2020-11-13Kentucky Owl Bourbon batch 10.75L$299.95
2020-11-13Jameson 18Y.75L$149.95
2020-11-132020-12-01Yamazaki 12Y.75L$125.95
2020-11-13Hakushu 12Y.75L$125.95
2020-11-132020-11-17Basil Hayden’s 10Y.75L$69.95
2020-11-13Martell Blue Swift.75L$39.95
2020-11-122020-11-25Glenmorangie Cadboll Estate.75L$84.95
2020-11-12Blackened American Whiskey.75L$49.95
2020-11-10Dalwhinnie Distillers Edition.75L$89.95
2020-11-06Conviction 1929 Double Oak Bourbon.75L$64.90
2020-11-062020-11-17Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel.75L$49.95
2020-11-062020-11-25Absolut Elyx w/ Disco Ball Cup.75L$29.95
2020-11-02Blanton’s Straight From The Barrel.75L$149.95
2020-11-022020-11-25Weldon Mills Reserve Bourbon Whiskey.75L$64.95
2020-11-022020-11-16Conniption Barrel Aged Gin.75L$44.95
2020-11-01John Walker & Sons Bicentenary Blend 28Y.75L$999.95
2020-11-01Michter’s 25Y Bourbon.75L$999.95
2020-11-01Breckenridge Dark Arts.75L$367.65
2020-11-01Highland Park The Light.75L$349.95
2020-11-01Highland Park The Dark.75L$349.95
2020-11-01Macallan Estate.75L$274.95
2020-11-01Russell’s Reserve 2003.75L$249.95
2020-11-01Johnnie Walker Blue w/ Pen.75L$229.95
2020-11-01Orphan Barrel – Muckety Muck.75L$224.95
2020-11-01Glen Moray Scotch 21Y W/ Gift Box.75L$199.95
2020-11-01Angels Envy Cask Strength.75L$199.95
2020-11-01Goslings Papa Seal.75L$199.95
2020-11-01Hennessy XO Ice Experience.75L$199.95
2020-11-01The Macallan Edition No.6.75L$149.95
2020-11-01Gran Centenario Leyenda Anejo.75L$149.95
2020-11-01Four Roses Ltd Ed Small Batch 2020.75L$149.95
2020-11-01Chopin Family Reserve.75L$129.95
2020-11-012020-11-01WhistlePig 12Y Old World.75L$125.95
2020-11-01Parker’s Heritage Collection #14.75L$120.00
2020-11-01J.P. Wiser’s 35Y.75L$119.95
2020-11-01The Macallan Classic Cut 2020 Ed..75L$119.95
2020-11-01Lagavulin Distillers Edition.75L$119.95
2020-11-01Oban Distillers Edition.75L$109.95
2020-11-01Glen Moray Scotch 18Y W/ Gift Box.75L$104.95
2020-11-01Breckenridge Single Barrel Bourbon.75L$99.95
2020-11-01High West A Midwinter Nights Dram.75L$99.95
2020-11-01Eagle Rare 17Y.75L$99.95
2020-11-01Thomas H. Handy.75L$99.95
2020-11-01William Larue Weller.75L$99.95
2020-11-01Sazerac Rye 18Y.75L$99.95
2020-11-01George T. Stagg.75L$99.95
2020-11-01Calumet Farm Single Rack 12Y.75L$99.95
2020-11-01Stoli Elit1.75L$89.95
2020-11-01Michter’s Toasted Barrel Strength Rye.75L$89.95
2020-11-01Laphroaig 16Y.75L$89.95
2020-11-01Highland Park Cask Strength.75L$89.95
2020-11-01Grand Mayan Ultra Aged Tequila.75L$89.95
2020-11-01Cragganmore Distillers Edition 12Y.75L$84.95
2020-11-01Talisker Distillers Edition.75L$84.95
2020-11-01Casta Pasion Anejo Worm.75L$84.95
2020-11-01Glenkinchie Distillers Edition.75L$84.95
2020-11-01Stranahan’s Sherry Cask Whiskey.75L$79.95
2020-11-01Corazon Expressiones WL Weller Anejo.75L$79.95
2020-11-01John Walker & Sons 200th Anniversary.75L$79.95
2020-11-01Laphroaig Cairdeas Port & Wine.75L$79.95
2020-11-01Corazon Expressiones George T Stagg Anejo.75L$79.95
2020-11-01Patron Estate Release.75L$79.95
2020-11-01Corazon Expressiones Thomas Handy Anejo.75L$79.95
2020-11-01Patron Anejo Sherry Cask.75L$74.95
2020-11-01High West Whiskey Rendezvous Rye.75L$74.95
2020-11-01High West Whiskey Campfire.75L$74.95
2020-11-01Laphroaig 10Y Cask Strength.75L$74.95
2020-11-01Casta Pasion Reposado Worm.75L$74.95
2020-11-01Knob Creek1.75L$73.95
2020-11-01Kamiki Japanese Whiskey.75L$72.50
2020-11-012020-11-01Courage & Conviction.75L$69.95
2020-11-01Tenjaku Pure Malt Whisky.75L$69.95
2020-11-01Lonerider Sherry Cask Finish SB Cigar Kit.75L$69.95
2020-11-01The Dalmore 12Y w/ GLS.75L$69.95
2020-11-01Stranahan’s Diamond Peak.75L$69.95
2020-11-01Grand Mayan Silver Tequila.75L$69.95
2020-11-01Tamdhu 10Y Lantern Pk.75L$67.25
2020-11-01Glen Moray Scotch 15Y W/ Gift Box.75L$64.95
2020-11-01Bulleit Bourbon & Rye Outdoor Pk1.125L$64.95
2020-11-01Templeton Rye Rare Cask Strength.75L$62.95
2020-11-01Belle Meade Bourbon Reserve.75L$62.95
2020-11-012020-11-01Westland American Single Malt.75L$59.95
2020-11-01Bulleit Bourbon Single Barrel.75L$59.95
2020-11-01Kammer Williams Pear Brandy w/ Pear.75L$59.95
2020-11-01Crystal Head Aurora w/ Skull GLS.75L$59.95
2020-11-01Highland Park 12Y w/ GLS.75L$59.95
2020-11-01Cardenal Mendoza w/ Snifter.75L$59.95
2020-11-01Crystal Head Onyx.75L$56.95
2020-11-01Ardbeg An Oa Smoker.75L$56.95
2020-11-01The Glenlivet 14Y w/ Flask.75L$56.95
2020-11-01Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel w/ GL.75L$56.95
2020-11-01Eda Rhyne 3-Pk Sampler1.125L$55.75
2020-11-01Hennessy VSOP “Old Fashioned” VAP.75L$54.95
2020-11-01Tincup Whiskey 10Y.75L$54.95
2020-11-01Sempe VSOP Armangnac.75L$54.80
2020-11-01Remy Martin 1738 w/ Ice Mold.75L$53.95
2020-11-01Remy Martin 1738 w/ XO 50ml.75L$53.95
2020-11-01Ararat 10Y Akhtamar VAP.75L$49.95
2020-11-01Don Julio Blanco w/ Salsa Bowls.75L$49.95
2020-11-01High West Barrel Aged Manhattan.75L$49.95
2020-11-01High West Barrel Aged Old Fashioned.75L$49.95
2020-11-01Old Elk Bourbon w/ Pourer.75L$49.95
2020-11-011792 12Y.75L$49.95
2020-11-01The Glenlivet 12Y w/ (2) 50mls.75L$49.95
2020-11-01Woodford Reserve Holiday 20201.00L$49.95
2020-11-01Maestro Dobel Diamante w/ 200ml.75L$49.95
2020-11-01Crystal Head w/ Skull GLS.75L$49.95
2020-11-01Grey Goose w/ Martini GLS1.75L$49.95
2020-11-01Mucha Liga Anejo.75L$48.95
2020-11-01Chemist Spirits Gin Gift Set600ML$48.95
2020-11-01Herradura Silver w/ GLS.75L$47.95
2020-11-012020-11-01Jack Daniel’s Black Label1.75L$46.95
2020-11-012020-11-01Jack Daniel’s TN Honey1.75L$46.95
2020-11-012020-11-01Jack Daniel’s TN Fire1.75L$46.95
2020-11-01Breckenridge Spiced Whiskey.75L$45.95
2020-11-01Remy Martin VSOP w/ GLS.75L$45.95
2020-11-01Remy Martin VSOP w/ 1738 50ml.75L$45.95
2020-11-012020-11-01Amador Double Barrel.75L$45.95
2020-11-012020-11-01Virginia-Highland Port Cask Whisky.75L$44.95
2020-11-01WhistlePig 10Y Rye/Coffee/Maple Sampler.375L$44.95
2020-11-01Patron Extra Anejo.375L$44.95
2020-11-01Mucha Liga Reposado.75L$44.95
2020-11-01Henry McKenna Single Barrel.75L$44.95
2020-11-012020-11-01Belle Meade Bourbon.75L$44.95
2020-11-012020-11-04Wild Turkey 1011.75L$44.95
2020-11-012020-11-01Basil Hayden’s.75L$44.95
2020-11-01Templeton Caribbean Rum Cask Finish.75L$42.95
2020-11-01Courvoisier VSOP w/ Decanter.75L$42.95
2020-11-01Glenmorangie Original Pioneer Pk.75L$42.95
2020-11-01Stranahan’s Blue Peak.75L$42.95
2020-11-012020-11-01Mucha Liga Blanco.75L$41.95
2020-11-01Gunpowder Irish Gin Ceramic Bottle.75L$39.95
2020-11-01Gunpowder Irish Gin w/ GL.75L$39.95
2020-11-01Maker’s Mark Bespoke.75L$39.95
2020-11-01Dewar’s 15Y w/ Rock GLS.75L$39.95
2020-11-01Johnnie Walker Black w/2 50mls.75L$39.95
2020-11-01Woodford Reserve w/ Rock GL.75L$39.95
2020-11-01Buchanan’s 12Y w/ GLS.75L$39.95
2020-11-01Avion Silver w/ GLS.75L$39.95
2020-11-01Grand Marnier w/ GLS.75L$39.95
2020-11-01Johnnie Walker Black w/ GLS.75L$39.95
2020-11-01Knob Creek w/ Rock GLS.75L$39.95
2020-11-01Maker’s 46 w/ Btl Stopper.75L$39.95
2020-11-01Toki Highball Gift Set.75L$39.95
2020-11-012020-11-01High West Whiskey Double Rye!.75L$39.95
2020-11-012020-11-01High West American Prairie Bourbon.75L$39.95
2020-11-012020-11-01Knob Creek.75L$39.95
2020-11-01Hennessy VS EOY Limited Ed. Gold Bottle.75L$38.95
2020-11-012020-11-01Broad Branch Nobilium Aged NC Whiskey.75L$38.95
2020-11-01Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin w/ GL.75L$36.95
2020-11-01Jameson Black Barrel w/ GLS.75L$36.95
2020-11-01Cointreau w/ Tool Kit.75L$36.95
2020-11-01Cointreau w/ Shaker.75L$36.95
2020-11-01Templeton Rye w/ Whiskey Stones.75L$36.95
2020-11-01Liquore Strega in Gift Tin.75L$36.95
2020-11-012020-11-01Jameson Black Barrel.75L$36.95
2020-11-01Gran Centenario Anejo w/ GLS.75L$35.95
2020-11-01Fragola Wild Strawberry Liqueur.75L$34.95
2020-11-01Hoodoo Papa Legba Resv Chicory Liqr.75L$34.95
2020-11-01Gentleman Jack w/ Shaker.75L$34.95
2020-11-01Writer’s Tears Copper Pot VAP.75L$34.95
2020-11-01Leadslinger Bourbon Thin Blue Line Edition.75L$33.95
2020-11-01Courvoisier VS w/ GLS.75L$33.95
2020-11-01Fernet Branca w/ 2 GLS.75L$32.25
2020-11-01Sipsmith 200ml Trial-Pack600ML$31.95
2020-11-01Frangelico w/ French Press.75L$30.95

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