NC ABC Warehouse Stock and Price Sheet Updates


One of the pros of the NC ABC system is that no matter where you shop in the state, prices are all the same (and they are usually close to MSRP). The quarterly price sheets give ABC store managers and North Carolina shoppers visibility into the prices set for each quarter. They can also give us a sneak-peak into what new spirits we might expect to see in stores in the coming months.

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The Stock Status page is a bit different. The North Carolina ABC system sends all incoming liquor through the Wake County stock warehouse. This central warehouse maintains a stock status sheet on their website that gets updated regularly. This list is primarily targeted towards ABC board purchasers to place orders for their store. Some of the more heavily allocated bourbons are distributed to these boards on a lottery system.

For the rest of us, the average consumer, these resources act as leading indicators of what’s coming in the next few months. Sometimes its predictable, and the state sets prices early when expecting new bottles in the next 1-3 months. Other times, they get stock of something new and have to update the availability. watches these lists extremely closely. Below, we’ll keep an updated list of new discoveries in one or both of these sheets. Some bottles are found on the Price Sheet long before they are in stock. When a bottle hits the stock list, you can usually expect to see it in stores within one to two weeks (though it might be longer for some bottles).

This list updates within an hour after changes are found.

You’ll notice that not all of these whiskeys are new, that might just mean they’ve been updated in the NC system. I’ve also limited the list to ABC categories whose names contain “whiskey,” “bourbon,” or “special packages” (the latter of which may include non-whiskey items).

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If you’re having trouble finding something you’re looking for, we’ve started curating some great, available bottles from online retailers that ship to NC. Browse them here.

Here’s the updated list:

Bird Dog Honey271902022-11-29.75L$21.95
Westward Whiskey Single Malt Stout Cask (BTB)314322022-11-28.75L$99.95
Westward Cask Strength 125 Whiskey314272022-11-28.75L$99.95
Westward American Single Malt Whiskey (BTB)314302022-11-28.75L$99.95
Westward Whiskey Single Malt Pinot Noir Cask (BTB)314312022-11-28.75L$99.95
Westward Pinot Noir Cask314282022-11-28.75L$90.00
Westward Stout Cask Whiskey314292022-11-28.75L$90.00
Westward American Single Malt Whiskey314262022-11-28.75L$74.95
Cleveland Whiskey Hickory Honey (BTB)229042022-11-28.75L$55.95
Proper No. Twelve Apple Whiskey401992022-11-18.75L$28.95
End of Days Survivors Cut Bourbon666042022-11-172022-11-17.75L$64.95
Mellow Corn Whiskey BIB332502022-11-152022-11-15.75L$19.95
Good Times Amburana Honey (BTB)234622022-11-15.75L$109.95
Black Whiskey402332022-11-14.75L$54.95
Lone Elm Sherry Cask Wheat Whiskey195382022-11-11.75L$74.95
Lone Elm Honey Barrel Wheat Whiskey195372022-11-11.75L$74.95
TOPO 81-77 VICTORIOUS Whiskey661812022-11-09.75L$93.40
Rittenhouse Rye Private Barrel (BTB)225452022-11-09.75L$34.95
Barrell Craft Gray Label Bourbon191782022-11-08.75L$249.95
FEW Spirits Immortal Rye Whiskey191002022-11-08.75L$44.95
GIA Platinum Single Malt Whiskey668322022-11-04.75L$75.00
Pinhook Bourbon Small Batch (BTB)191022022-11-032022-11-22.75L$59.95
Uncle Nearest Straight Rye Whiskey195292022-11-03.75L$64.95
Biltmore Single Malt Whiskey (Batch 1)666892022-11-02.75L$89.95
Peanut Butter Cup Whiskey330192022-11-02.75L$24.70
WhistlePig 15Y001242022-11-012022-11-01.75L$299.95
Redbreast 12Y400052022-11-012022-11-01.75L$77.95
Green Spot400472022-11-012022-11-01.75L$69.95
Penelope Barrel Strength247342022-11-012022-11-01.75L$60.95
Jack Daniel's Black Label324772022-11-012022-11-011.75L$48.95
Jack Daniel's TN Fire326042022-11-012022-11-011.75L$48.95
Jack Daniel's TN Apple326072022-11-012022-11-011.75L$48.95
Michter's US*1 Rye Whiskey223732022-11-012022-11-01.75L$45.95
Michter's US*1 Small Batch Bourbon270382022-11-012022-11-01.75L$45.95
Smashing Violet Blueberry Whiskey662052022-11-012022-11-01.75L$45.95
Davidson Reserve Four Grain230082022-11-012022-11-01.75L$44.95
Knob Creek Rye224082022-11-012022-11-01.75L$41.95
Eagle Rare 10Y271692022-11-012022-11-01.75L$40.95
Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch000262022-11-012022-11-01.75L$39.95
Frank's Reserve Aged NC Whiskey662072022-11-012022-11-01.75L$38.95
Penelope Bourbon247322022-11-012022-11-01.75L$36.95
TX Blended Whiskey001302022-11-012022-11-01.75L$35.95
George Dickel Old No. 8324522022-11-012022-11-011.75L$35.95
Bulleit Rye223622022-11-012022-11-01.75L$34.95
George Dickel Bourbon Whisky 8Y230452022-11-012022-11-01.75L$33.95
Bulleit Bourbon270262022-11-012022-11-01.75L$33.95
Nightlab 1.0 NC White Whiskey662022022-11-012022-11-01.75L$33.95
Jameson Orange400602022-11-012022-11-01.75L$32.95
Jameson Caskmates IPA401302022-11-012022-11-01.75L$32.95
Jameson Caskmates Stout401312022-11-012022-11-01.75L$32.95
Jameson Cold Brew401322022-11-012022-11-01.75L$32.95
Powers Gold Label401852022-11-012022-11-01.75L$32.95
Jim Beam 4Y240982022-11-012022-11-011.75L$31.95
1792 Small Batch270312022-11-012022-11-01.75L$30.95
Tincup Whiskey314132022-11-012022-11-01.75L$29.95
Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey315262022-11-012022-11-01.75L$29.95
Jack Daniel's Single Barrel325242022-11-012022-11-01.375L$27.95
Proper No.Twelve401982022-11-012022-11-01.75L$27.95
New Amsterdam Stratusphere Gin402802022-11-012022-11-011.75L$26.95
Basil Hayden's270132022-11-012022-11-01.375L$24.95
NC Two Trees Sea-Salted Caramel305492022-11-012022-11-01.75L$22.95
NC Two Trees Carolina Peach305562022-11-012022-11-01.75L$22.95
Woodford Reserve271282022-11-012022-11-01.375L$20.95
BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon270942022-11-012022-11-01.75L$19.95
Redneck Riviera Honey Apple Select314002022-11-012022-11-01.75L$19.95
Maker's Mark242782022-11-012022-11-01.375L$18.95
Kentucky Gentleman242012022-11-012022-11-011.75L$17.95
Ancient Age Preferred294102022-11-012022-11-011.75L$17.95
Sheep Dog Peanut Butter Whiskey314582022-11-012022-11-01.75L$16.95
Jim Beam Black230612022-11-012022-11-01.375L$15.95
Carstairs White Seal296632022-11-012022-11-011.75L$15.95
Fleischmann's Preferred297922022-11-012022-11-011.75L$15.95
Travelers Club Blend 80305692022-11-012022-11-011.75L$14.95
Ram's Point Peanut Butter Whiskey314532022-11-012022-11-01.75L$14.95
Jack Daniel's Black Label PET324832022-11-012022-11-01.375L$13.95
Jack Daniel's TN Honey PET326022022-11-012022-11-01.375L$13.95
Jack Daniel's TN Fire326062022-11-012022-11-01.375L$13.95
Jack Daniel's TN Apple326092022-11-012022-11-01.375L$13.95
Travelers Club Blend 80305702022-11-012022-11-01.75L$7.95
Travelers Club Blend 80305722022-11-012022-11-01.375L$4.45
Benchmark Old #8252712022-11-012022-11-021.75L$26.95
George Dickel Old No. 8324532022-11-012022-11-02.75L$19.95
Aristotle Sp Discovery Bourbon Apple Cider Cask666622022-11-012022-11-03.75L$54.95
Knob Creek Smoked Maple270232022-11-012022-11-04.75L$41.95
Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey315272022-11-012022-11-04.375L$15.95
Jack Daniel's Black Label Replica/Square324822022-11-012022-11-07.375L$13.95
Redneck Riviera Whiskey304302022-11-012022-11-09.75L$19.95
Old Ezra Brooks 7Y Rye Whiskey192002022-11-012022-11-10.75L$79.95
Jack Daniel's TN Honey326002022-11-012022-11-101.75L$48.95
The Irishman Harvest400742022-11-012022-11-14.75L$29.95
Benchmark Old #8252722022-11-012022-11-14.75L$12.95
Midleton Very Rare Irish001262022-11-012022-11-15.75L$254.95
H Deringer Bourbon Whiskey VAP194232022-11-012022-11-21.75L$104.95
Michter's Limited Release 20Y KSB270352022-11-01.75L$1,149.95
Four Gate Whiskey (BTB)231492022-11-01.75L$244.05
Knappogue Castle 21Y401372022-11-01.75L$200.95
Michter's Single Barrel 10Y Bourbon270392022-11-01.75L$174.95
Michter's 10Y KS Rye Whiskey199982022-11-01.75L$174.95
Redbreast 15Y001192022-11-01.75L$139.95
Yellow Spot001272022-11-01.75L$131.95
NC Cherry Bounce Whiskey201602022-11-01.75L$130.35
Paul John Peated Select402722022-11-01.75L$109.95
Paul John Classic Select402672022-11-01.75L$109.95
Knappogue Castle Twin Wood 16Y401342022-11-01.75L$100.95
Michter's Toasted Finished US1 Bourbon207732022-11-01.75L$99.95
Michter's Toasted Sour Mash Whiskey197882022-11-01.75L$99.95
Hall of Champions Distillery Brand Single Malt313652022-11-01.75L$75.70
Aristotle Spirits Discovery Single Malt Whiskey666592022-11-01.75L$74.95
Powers John's Lane402002022-11-01.75L$70.95
Cooperstown Select Straight Bourbon232852022-11-01.75L$66.40
Paul John Brilliance Whisky402662022-11-01.75L$64.95
Paul John Bold Whisky402652022-11-01.75L$64.95
Knappogue Castle Twin Wood 14Y401352022-11-01.75L$62.95
1792 Small Batch270302022-11-011.75L$61.95
Cooperstown Select Straight Rye225132022-11-01.75L$61.75
Hall of Champions Distillery Brand Bourbon232862022-11-01.75L$61.75
Chivalry French Knight Whiskey194242022-11-01.75L$59.95
Turkey Tom Bourbon194252022-11-01.75L$56.95
Broad Branch Big Winston Bourbon BIB662122022-11-01.75L$54.95
Tincup Whiskey 10Y209822022-11-01.75L$54.95
Cooperstown Select American Blended Whiskey295162022-11-01.75L$52.40
Michter's US*1 Unblended American Whiskey203772022-11-01.75L$49.95
Heaven's Door Trilogy Collection Whiskey192622022-11-01600ML$49.95
Old Elk Bourbon w/ Pourer198462022-11-01.75L$49.95
Montana Blackfoot River Bourbon231132022-11-01.75L$48.95
Breckenridge Spiced Whiskey209802022-11-01.75L$46.35
Knappogue Castle 12Y401332022-11-01.75L$44.95
Abner Doubleday Bourbon229122022-11-01.75L$41.55
Abner Doubleday Whiskey294072022-11-01.75L$41.55
Canton Distillery Brand Whiskey295152022-11-01.75L$41.55
Canton Distillery Brand Bourbon232842022-11-01.75L$41.55
Mayberry Distillery Toasted Oak Whiskey662242022-11-01.75L$37.15
Beanball Bourbon231122022-11-01.75L$36.90
Mayberry Distillery Toasted Vanilla Whiskey662212022-11-01.75L$36.15
Sinister Whiskey665302022-11-01.75L$35.35
Bulleit Bourbon w/ 2 Mugs196782022-11-01.75L$33.95
Bulleit Bourbon w/ Mug192242022-11-01.75L$33.95
Cleveland Christmas Bourbon200092022-11-01.75L$32.95
Paul John Nirvana Whisky402712022-11-01.75L$32.95
Paniolo Whiskey303912022-11-01.75L$32.35
Spitball Cinnamon Whiskey315312022-11-01.75L$31.00
Mayberry Distillery Crystal Moon Whiskey662272022-11-01.75L$30.90
NC Two Trees Wood-Crafted Bourbon253262022-11-011.75L$29.95
Nooku Bourbon Cream209662022-11-01.75L$29.95
Bad Sweater Spiced Whiskey197872022-11-01.75L$29.95
NC Two Trees Peanut Butter305512022-11-01.75L$22.95
NC Two Trees Crisp Apple305522022-11-01.75L$22.95
NC Two Trees Cinnamon Spice305532022-11-01.75L$22.95
NC Two Trees Candy Apple305542022-11-01.75L$22.95
NC Two Trees Michigan Cherry305572022-11-01.75L$22.95
NC Two Trees Golden Honey305502022-11-01.75L$22.95
NC Two Trees Batch 314305472022-11-01.75L$22.95
NC Two Trees Ready Made Old Fashioned272742022-11-01.75L$22.95
NC Two Trees Ready Made Manhattan272752022-11-01.75L$22.95
Bird Dog Jalapeno Honey270462022-11-01.75L$21.95
Bird Dog Chocolate Flavored Whiskey270472022-11-01.75L$21.95
Bird Dog Praline270522022-11-01.75L$21.95
Ole Smoky Mint Chocolate Chip Whiskey192572022-11-01.75L$20.95
Clontarf 1014 Classic Blend400232022-11-01.75L$20.95
C.B. Fisher's Christmas Whiskey209412022-11-01.375L$19.95
Redneck Riviera Whiskey Sidekick VAP192932022-11-01.75L$19.95
Jim Beam Bourbon Cream194412022-11-01.75L$19.95
Middle West Bourbon Cream196892022-11-01.75L$19.95
NC Two Trees Candy Apple Flav Whiskey196902022-11-01.75L$19.95
NC Two Trees Wood-Crafted Bourbon253272022-11-01.75L$19.95
Gentleman Jack324742022-11-01.375L$17.95
Ezra Brooks Bourbon Cream198142022-11-01.75L$14.95
Nooku Bourbon Cream Cold Brew 4Pk194562022-11-01400ML$13.95
Conciere Bourbon229992022-11-011.00L$13.50
Conciere Whiskey295182022-11-011.00L$11.65
Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey192992022-11-01100ML$4.95
American Eagle Bourbon VAP191122022-10-292022-11-17.75L$94.95
Buzzard's Roost Toasted American Oak Bourbon191142022-10-29.75L$71.95
Buzzard's Roost Char #1 Bourbon191132022-10-29.75L$62.95
O&E Spire Rye-B Proof-Am Oak Port (BTB)225182022-10-28.75L$64.95
The Fighting 69th Regiment Irish Whiskey400862022-10-28.75L$34.95
High West Bourbon230162022-10-271.75L$69.95
High West Double Rye223992022-10-271.75L$69.95
Sweetens Cove Kennessee Blended KY and TN233102022-10-26.75L$199.95
Doc Swinson's Alter Ego Bourbon191222022-10-26.75L$61.10
Doc Swinson's Blender's Cut Bourbon191232022-10-26.75L$50.15
Four Roses Bourbon191292022-10-252022-11-16.75L$180.95
Old Soul Cask Strength Single Barrel (BTB)270592022-10-25.75L$74.95
Doc Swinson's Alter Ego Cask Strength232942022-10-25.75L$70.65
Doc Swinson's Single Barrel Bourbon232952022-10-25.75L$61.10
Doc Swinson's Single Barrel Rye225152022-10-25.75L$61.10
Doc Swinson's Alter Ego Rye225142022-10-25.75L$50.85
Cleanco Clean Whiskey233442022-10-25700ML$30.00
Ammunition Straight Bourbon Whiskey229822022-10-21.75L$43.10
Ammunition Straight Rye Whiskey224762022-10-21.75L$43.10
Chicken Cock Double Oak Kentucky Whiskey232812022-10-20.75L$99.95
Barrell Craft Private Release Bourbon (BTB)231082022-10-20.75L$99.95
NC Bespoke Blend #1232922022-10-20.75L$75.95
Stranahan's Sherry Cask Colorado Whiskey313892022-10-20.75L$64.95
Stranahan's Blue Peak Colorado Whiskey313882022-10-20.75L$42.95
Proper No. Twelve401962022-10-20.375L$14.95
Bushmills Whiskey215452022-10-2050ML$1.95
FEW Spirits BIB Bourbon192902022-10-192022-10-19.75L$49.95
Calumet Farm 15Y Old Bourbon195732022-10-192022-11-01.75L$129.95
FEW Spirits Straight Bourbon Whiskey192922022-10-192022-11-22.75L$44.95
FEW Spirits Cold Cut Bourbon Whiskey192912022-10-192022-11-22.75L$44.95
FEW Spirits Straight Rye Whiskey192892022-10-192022-11-22.75L$44.95
FEW Spirits Straight American Whiskey192882022-10-192022-11-22.75L$44.95
Solomon Scott Rye Whiskey191442022-10-182022-11-16.75L$59.95
The Morning Glory Bourbon BIB191452022-10-182022-11-16.75L$59.95
Moonshiner Huck Pear Corn Whiskey330052022-10-18.75L$30.45
Brown Sugar Bourbon 103233402022-10-18.75L$25.95
Twisted Tea Whiskey314762022-10-181.00L$19.95
Slane Irish Whiskey212712022-10-1850ML$1.95
NC Two Trees Scorched Brown Sugar305482022-10-12.75L$24.95
ONW Straight Bourbon Commemorative667992022-10-11.75L$69.95
Buffalo City East Lake Whiskey661522022-10-11.75L$58.60
High West Bourbon230132022-10-11.375L$22.95
High West Double Rye224012022-10-11.375L$22.95
Saints Alley- The Heretic Bourbon Whiskey191572022-10-082022-11-29.75L$70.95
Early Times Sportster235322022-10-072022-10-07.75L$9.95
Ironroot Harbinger Bourbon (BTB)232152022-10-07.75L$66.40
Taconic Distillery NY Single Malt Whiskey315602022-10-07.75L$50.40
Taconic Distillery NY's Wheated Bourbon273052022-10-07.75L$44.35
Mica Town Brewing Malt Whiskey662542022-10-04.75L$40.00

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Ren

    I’m not new to drinking bourbon, but I am new to exploring different brands and learning more about what I’m actually consuming. Like all that have come before me I suppose, I’m finding it frustrating trying to figure out how to get my hands on all the different bottles I read and hear about. The employees at my local ABC store (Kinston, Lenoir County) say “our trucks come on Wednesdays, but we have no idea what is going to be on them.” I believe them when they say they don’t know, but someone is placing those orders, right? Is there truly no way to figure out what is coming ahead of time?
    I appreciate the site you have put together to help with my above question, but I could use some clarification. What precisely is the difference in the “found date” and “first stock?” For example, the Maker’s 2021 FE-01 doesn’t have a “First Stock” date, but it has already come and gone at the Kinston ABC Store. It arrived this past Wednesday Feb 24th. I was lucky enough to go in after the truck arrived and pick up the third to last bottle. Is that how this game really works? Is there truly no better way than just calling the local ABC store every Wednesday and asking “Hey what came on the truck today?” I hate to be a pest. I can only imagine how annoying it must be for the employees to constantly be fielding phone calls every Wednesday. I’d like to be able to predict what’s coming down the pipe with a little more consistency. Thanks for the help.

    1. ncwhiskey

      I Ren. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, and welcome to the bourbon community. I agree it can be frustrating to try and understand when and where bottles will show up. Even when they come through the state warehouse, it’s hard to know when they’ll get to various areas around the state, and then it’s up to the local boards to distribute. It’s not always the most transparent process. The way I understand it, someone is placing orders, but if it’s an allocated bottle then it might still go through a State lottery to determine which boards get them. Otherwise, they might know they ordered something, but not be sure which week the shipment of that will come in. I have a contact at one of the board warehouses who says they sometimes wait weeks for something they ordered, and they may never get them if the lottery doesn’t fall in their favor.

      As for the Maker’s Mark FAE-01, the discrepancy in this table comes down to me not having updated it since the 19th of February. Looks like the first stock hit the warehouse on the 22nd. I’m on the hunt for a couple bottles of this myself, and still haven’t found it yet. Anyway, you’ve encouraged me to try and automate this table so it updates with better frequency. It won’t be able to tell you when it’s hitting Kinston, but maybe you’ll be able to work out a pattern for when deliveries happen after they hit the state warehouse. But thanks to you, the new version of the table is now updated automatically several times a day with any new changes, and is searchable and sortable.

      Feel free to connect on Instagram if you want to chat more: @ncwhiskey

  2. Ren

    Hey thanks for the reply. I’m glad I could help out, lol. As for the Maker’s, I just got lucky… Thanks and i’ll be sure to keep track of the site and see if I can’t figure out a pattern

    1. J

      I’m in Kinston as well and find it frustrating on the stock of less common bottles. I will say they do have a lottery in late fall where they distribute bottles they have saved and not put on the shelf throughout the year. I would be on the lookout for the announcement on the door.

  3. Eric T. White

    How is it that you can go thru the secondary market & find Blanton’s all day long, but might be a year to get one bottle Thru NC ABC, if your lucky. Seems to me that more should be allocated toward the state ABC system than say woodencork.

  4. Nunya

    Appears all the allocated bourbons no longer are listed in warehouse stocks as of 9/1

  5. Greg

    What does (BTB) mean?

    1. ncwhiskey

      (BTB) in these lists is NC code for “Buy The Barrel”, so this indicates a single barrel select version of the bourbon.

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