Online Liquor Orders in California | Same Day Delivery

For our few California readers, I have really good news. Online liquor orders in California are much easier to come by than they are in North Carolina. California has privatized liquor stores, which put the proprietors in charge of their inventory and their distribution. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in your local package store, online retailers might be just the ticket.

California Online Liquor Orders

There are tons of outfits in California that will ship anywhere in the state (if not outside the state, too). One my personal favorites is Bounty Hunter Rare Wines and Spirits. Bounty Hunter has a great selection and (for the most part) very reasonable prices. That’s not to say they don’t know the worth of a BTAC selection or Pappy Van Winkle… you’ll still have to pay a bit more for allocated items. They also have Wine and Spirit clubs you can join.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, check out Del Mesa or Chips Liquor for similar experiences.

Same-Day Liquor Delivery In California

A lot of California liquor stores these days are able to deliver to your door the same day you order. California’s liquor laws are relaxed enough to allow this level of customer service.

If you live is a smaller area, check with your local store and see what they offer in terms of delivery. You may be able to call in or order online and have them deliver to you privately. You can also check with a service like Postmates or Door Dash and see which liquor stores are available to you.

In bigger metro areas like Los Angelas, San Francisco, and San Jose, you may have access to more liquor-focused delivery services. These types apps form relationships with local package stores to let you know what’s available. You place an order through the app and they’ll deliver to your door, often within a couple hours (depending on where you live). Drizly and Saucey are probably the two most popular options. You can get Free 30 Minute Delivery with No Order Minimum at

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Do you have any favorite honey holes for online liquor orders in California? Share you secrets. with us in the comments!

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