Crown Royal Peach in North Carolina

Okay, I’ll shoot you straight. I don’t get the hype. Bourbon always for me. But, some people love Crown Royal Peach. Sipping on ice or mixed with sweet tea, this flavored whiskey is some folks favorite summer beverage.

Crown Royal Peach in NC

Having said that, it ranks among other highly sought after whiskeys in North Carolina. If you’re looking for this at your local ABC store, there will likely be a line out the door and it’s flying off shelves, and let’s be honest it just doesn’t exist around here very much.

What is Crown Royal Peach

Crown Royal Peach is a flavored whisky from Canada-based Crown Royal. At 70 Proof (35% ABV), it’s a very smooth, sweet whiskey that functions more or less like a liqueur. It has a somewhat small distribution footprint in North Carolina, so you have to be ready to pounce when it comes in stock. You can watch our NC ABC Stock Status page for updates. Crown Royal Peach has an MSRP of $32.95 in North Carolina. It usually comes packaged with an iconic Crown Royal bag tucked inside a decorated cardboard box.

Buying CRP in North Carolina

This wild and summery Canadien whisky does show up in local store semi-frequently, but usually not with a ton of bottles. It’s always a good idea to check your nearby ABC stores frequently. Buy other things and chat up the employees. You may be able to get a friendly retail worker to give you a call when a shipment comes in.

Your other option is to buy Crown Royal Peach from online retailers. This stuff doesn’t usually get inflated too much, so you’re essentially paying cost+shipping for the convenience. Nestor Liquor delivers to NC and, if they have it in stock, sells CRP for $30. You might be able to get a 3 pack for an even better deal.

Similar to Peach Flavored Whiskey

If you’re a fan of this peach flavored whiskey, you’ll probably also appreciate these other two offerings from Crown Royal. They might sometimes even be more rare in NC than the peach… but you can still get them online, too.

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