Prime Day Whiskey Picks 2023

I’ll make this brief, but it has to be done: Amazon Prime Day Whiskey Deals. These are some picks of good products on discount for Amazon Prime Day 2023. Amazon doesn’t sell actual whiskey, of course. If you’re looking for that, see our curated retail selections. Below, we’ll focus on glassware, bartending toys, and other accessories to boost your bourbon experience. While we do get a small commission off of these Amazon links, rest assured we only picked products we think are worth the deal.

Amazon Prime Day Whiskey Deals

Whiskey Glassware on Amazon Prime Day

Here are a couple selections for whiskey glasses, depending on your style and needs. There’s a lot of novelty stuff on Amazon, but there are some old reliables I think you can’t go wrong with.

Amazon Prime Day Deal on Bar Tools

If home bartending is your thing (or you’d like it to be), there are endless options for individual tools and sets on Amazon. Here are some fun toys, like bartending sets and whiskey smoking kits, I think are a good deal for Amazon Prime Day 2023.

Ice Molds

Ice molds are great to have on hand if you like your whiskey chilled, or a big cube in a cocktail. Bigger ice melts more slowly, so it won’t dilute your drinks as quickly. Here are a couple options, depending on your needs.

I’m keeping this list short and stopping here, because a lot of Amazon Prime Deals feel a bit fake sometimes, and I don’t want to fill this list with fluff. If you’re in the hunt for some good gifts, though, try searches for Whiskey Flasks, Decanters, or other whiskey accessories. Good luck!

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