Buying Buffalo Trace In North Carolina

Why is Buffalo Trace so hard to find in North Carolina?

In most parts of the country, Buffalo Trace Bourbon is an easy-to-find staple, often available in 750ml and 1.75L bottles, as well as other sizes. In North Carolina, though, our state ABC system has a fickle relationship with Buffalo Trace Distillery, so our allocation is limited and spotty. This is true of a lot of BT products, like Eagle Rare, Blanton’s, and Weller. We don’t even see Weller Special Reserve in NC ABC stores (it’s the lower price-point of the Wheated Bourbon Weller line).

Where To Find Buffalo Trace In North Carolina

Recently, it seems like North Carolina has been getting more frequent shipments of Buffalo Trace, though. What used to be a quarterly shipment appears to be monthly, which is good news for NC whiskey hunters. My best advice for finding one of these bottles (they go quick!) is to get to know the employees at your local ABC store. They might not be able to hold a bottle for you, but they can help you understand their own delivery schedule and distribution policies.

The only places you can buy Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey in NC is from a licensed ABC store. Your town, county, or area likely operates a sub-set of the state ABC board, and your board will have to do its part in getting Buffalo Trace shipments from the NC central warehouse in Wake County.

It’s also worth looking into local whiskey and bourbon groups. There are many regional and local Facebook groups where people like to share information about where bottles are showing up and when you should be keeping an eye out.

Buying Buffalo Trace Bourbon Online

As previously mentioned, Buffalo Trace isn’t really a “rare” bourbon… at least not in most areas. To that end, online retailers tend to sell it at a pretty reasonable price. Like any other popular consumable commodity, you won’t always find it in stock, but you’re much more likely to find it in stock online than in North Carolina ABCs, unfortunately.

Online liquor orders in North Carolina can be tricky, but it can be done. Some retailers won’t ship to NC because of tax laws. Others will specify that you, the buyer, assume responsibility for any laws North Carolina imposes. You may also find yourself settling for a bit (or a lot) more than NC retail prices. That’s the cost of convenience and accessibility.

If you’re interested in buying Buffalo Trace Straight Bourbon whiskey online, check out either Reserve Bar or 1-877-Spirits. Those a good starting places.

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