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The summers of White Claws and Truly are beyond us. 2022 is year zero of the ready-too-drink craft cocktail. Liquor enthusiasts across the country are stocking up on refreshing canned and bottled cocktails. Whether you’re here because you’re a whiskey buff, or want something different to sip by the pool, we’ve got a roundup of our favorite RTD cocktails for the year.

Ready To Drink Cocktails 2022

DRNXMYTH – Our top pick for Ready To Drink Cocktails in 2022

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When redoing this post with updates for 2022, we found a lot of great options for Ready To Drink Cocktails, pre-mixed cocktails, and canned cocktails. DRNXMYTH blew us away – from quality, to taste, to presentation, DRNXMYTH offers it all. They boast proprietary drink-tech that lets the ingredients ship separated, but with a quick twist and shake you have a ready to drink cocktail in your hands. Bartender crafted, each cocktail is worth a try.

They have cocktails for all tastes, from classic margaritas and blackberry brambles to rum punches and strawberry mojitos. You can even get them in mixed packs and themes. New customers can save 20% with the code TWISTSHAKE.

On The Rocks Knob Creek Old Fashioned

This year we’ll start with a classic: the Bourbon Old Fashioned. On The Rocks makes a delicious Old Fashioned that’s ready to drink and affordable. At 35% ABV (70 Proof), this the On The Rocks Old Fashioned is made with real Knob Creek whiskey, so you can trust the spirit in the bottle. Ingredients are true to the cocktail, with house-made bitters, real cane sugar, orange and lemon zest, and a cherry finish.

The On The Rocks Knob Creek Old Fashioned ships in a pack of four bottles… that each contain about 4 drinks worth, ringing in at less than $4 per cocktail. These Ready To Drink Old Fashioneds are perfect for entertaining.

On The Rocks Cocktails Knob Creek Old Fashioned (4 Pack)
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Cutwater Canned Cocktail

In the canned cocktail category, our top recommendation is Cutwater. If you’re into the “Hard Seltzer” trend but desire a hard liquor option, cutwater offers a great selection of flavored Vodka Sodas for that carbonated feel. They also have non-carbonated options. With mix packs and cases, there’s a flavor for everyone.

Cutwater canned cocktails are available for delivery in most states with an order from online retailers like ReserveBar.

Cutwater Vodka Soda Mixed 8 pack (4 Grapefruit, 2 Lime, 2 Cucumber)
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    I am a big fan of Old Fashioned, I found this to be the best ready to drink:

    The Perfect Cocktail – Old Fashioned

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