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The summers of White Claws and Truly are beyond us. 2020 is year zero of the ready-too-drink craft cocktail. Liquor enthusiasts across the country are stocking up on refreshing canned and bottled cocktails. But this is a whiskey website, so we’ll skip the rum, gin, and vodka and go straight to the good stuff. Bourbon, whiskey, and rye. Here are our picks for the most anticipated canned whiskey cocktails of 2020.

Ready To Drink Cocktails 2021

Savoy Cocktail: Manhattan

Among the most classic of Whiskey cocktails is the Manhattan. A vermouth-sweetened boozy cocktail, it’s a great cocktail for true whiskey lovers who want a little something different. We’ve recommended the Harry Caraddock’s historic and popular Savoy Cocktail Book before. This ready-to-drink manhattan comes straight from there, but it’s an easy pour away.

With three easy ingredients: Whiskey, Vermouth, and Bitters, this classy cocktail is ready to drink served chilled or over a bit of ice.

Savoy Cocktails Manhattan

Witherspoon Old Fashioned

If Vermouth isn’t your thing, the other classic whiskey cocktail is, of course, the Old Fashioned. Sub the vermouth for simple syrup. Maybe use a rye.

The Ready To Drink Old Fashioned from the Witherspoon Whiskey Cocktail series is a Texas dream of this wonderful classic. Add a little ice to a rocks glass and garnish with an orange peel and cherry (if you’re feeling fancy).

Witherspoon distilled the spirit in-house and bottles it with orange bitters, sugar, and the right amount of cherry to give the perfect Old Fashioned flavor.

Witherspoon Whiskey Cocktail Series Old Fashioned

Canned Whiskey Mule

The Whiskey Mule is a variant of the fabled Moscow Mule, a Vodka, Lime, and Ginger Beer cocktail often served in a copper mug.

Social Hour’s canned cocktail version is a Straight Rye Whiskey Mule. You may have seen other versions of a “Kentucky” Mule that use a KY Bourbon. This four-pack of canned cocktails leverages straight rye whiskey for a bit of extra spice.

Social Hour Whiskey Mule is made with a blend of 3-6 year old rye whiskeys and capped off with a house-made ginger beer. It’s a fresh taste with a rye spice, and will knock the socks off of any hard seltzer.

Whiskey Mule
4 x 250ml cans

Canned Whiskey Cocktails Wrap Up

These are our best picks for ready-to-drink whiskey cocktails, but there are a lot of other great options out there. If you want low effort, tasty cocktails, keep trying them! We’ve only listed a few of our top options here, but shop around at your local ABC Liquor store or online at store like Mash & Grape for more great Ready To Drink and canned cocktails.

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    I am a big fan of Old Fashioned, I found this to be the best ready to drink:

    The Perfect Cocktail – Old Fashioned

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