Whiskey and Bourbon Gifts for Fathers Day 2022

In time for Fathers Day 2022, we’ve updated our roundup of books and gifts tailored specifically for whiskey and bourbon enthusiasts. This is a hobby that is easy for fathers to enjoy because it doesn’t have to take up too much time and they can share it with their friends. So, wives and children, take a look at these gift ideas and get your whiskey loving father something unique this year. Dads, if you have trouble answering, “what do I want for fathers day?”, consider these options:

Bourbon Nosing Kit from NoseYourBourbon.com

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to whiskey or a seasoned veteran, learning how to taste whiskey and understand its complexities is no easy task. I was personally blown away by the thought put into the NoseYourBourbon Kit. The creator puts together an amazing set of nosing materials, complete with instructions for nosing your whiskey alongside these core aromatics. Nose Your Bourbon elects to use actual real ingredients like Corn, Leather, Dried Cherries, and Chocolate (among others) for a side-by-side sniffing experience, helping whiskey enthusiasts hone their palate.

Bourbon Nosing Kit Labels
Bourbon Nosing Kit Ingredients Up Close

To use the Nose Your Bourbon Kit, simply give an ingredient a sniff, then sniff your bourbon or whiskey (preferably from a nosing glass). This will help draw out the aromas that are actually present in your whiskey, and now you’re on your way to being a pro.

Various size nosing kits and bundles are available from The Vintage Gentleman, NoseYourBourbon.com, and Etsy starting at $70 (though, I’m told a $30 version may be coming). This is a gift every bourbon dad should have for their hobby.

Cocktail Sets

One great gift that can never miss is a good cocktail set. And I’m not talking about shakers and strainers (though that’s a great idea, too). I’m talking the actual ingredients to a great cocktail.

You can either go down to the local liquor store and/or grocery store and pick up all the ingredients yourself, or check out some of the complete cocktail kits from Reserve Bar.

Coopers' Craft "The Classic" Kit

Father’s Day Gift Baskets from TheBroBasket.com

A lot of people buy flowers for Mothers Day, but that won’t swing it for dad. A great alternative, however, is a super cool gift basket. The BroBasket offers really great options at various price points. For instance, the Bite of Bourbon Basket starts at $59 and comes with four 50mL bottles of bourbon (Knob Creek, Bulleit, Woodford Reserve, and Maker’s Mark), as well as some snacks, a tumbler, and a Coca-Cola for mixing. There’s also the Ultimate Whiskey Sampler Basket that comes with TEN different whiskeys, from bourbon to scotch.

If neither of those options tickle your fancy, you can create your own basket for as little as $40, or shop a wide variety of other cool Fathers Day friendly gift baskets.

Bar Accessories

Whiskey Decanters are perfect for storing a favorite whiskey or starting an infinity bottle (a blend of whiskeys from your home bar). Good glassware is also essential to enjoying bourbon. You can either go with a classic Etched Whiskey Decanter set, or up the game with a Personalized Decanter that’s customized to the father figure in your life.

You can also look for other great accessories like smoke boxes and whiskey stones, all of which make wonderful whiskey gifts for men.

Oakmont Etched Whiskey Decanter Set with Square Rocks Glasses

Of course, you can always just head down to the local whiskey store a pick up dad’s favorite bourbon. Make sure you also check out our other gift ideas. What are you getting him Father’s Day this year?

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