Best Whiskey Clubs 2022

Whether you’re new to the whiskey game or have been collecting bourbon for years, it’s always a good idea to expand your horizons and try new things. A good whiskey or bourbon of the month club will allow you to try brand new libations you may not have regular access to. Or, they’ll get you try something that’s readily available but wouldn’t have otherwise taken a chance on.

Whiskey clubs are perfect investments for bourbon and scotch enthusiasts, and they also make fantastic gifts. We’ve pulled together five of the best whiskey clubs to help you find the one that is right for you. If you want full bottles of top-shelf juice, there’s a club for that. If you want a plethora of unique samples sent to your doorstep, there’s a bourbon club for that, too!

Best Bourbon of the Month Clubs

Bounty Hunter Spirits Clubs

If you’ve read any of our other content here at NC Whiskey, you know we’re fans of Bounty Hunter Rare Wines and Spirits. Well here’s a secret: their spirits clubs are exciting. And there’s one for every taste and budget, to boot.

The Bounty Hunter Bourbon Trail Club is a unique club that sends you two special bottles, usually bourbon, that highlight the unique qualities of the bourbon trail. Knowing that these exciting bottles are on their way is always exciting. Explore new and rare American whiskey through this one-of-a-kind club.


  • Monthly or Quarterly options
  • Full bottles of whiskey
  • Top-shelf, exciting bottles
  • Great online store


  • A little on the expensive side
  • You don’t necessarily know what you’re going to get

Ultimately, we really like this club. Though it errs on the side of expensive, you can limit it to once every 3 months. Bounty Hunter offers two other spirits clubs as well, for whiskey around the world, or a mixed bag of spirits (rum, tequila, gin, etc.).

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Flaviar Whiskey Club

Flaviar is one of the most popular Whiskey subscription clubs, and for good reason. They send a fun box of whiskey samples monthly or quarterly. You don’t get as much whiskey as Bounty Hunter club, but you get more samples of things to try. Flaviar is a great option for people who like to review a lot of whiskey or step outside their comfort zone.

best whiskey clubs


  • Monthly or Quarterly options
  • Multiple samples means low
  • Affordable
  • Exclusive access to purchase unique bottles (separate from subscription)


  • Unpredictable
  • Not a lot of whiskey
  • Might have things you won’t enjoy so much

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Pour More Bourbon of the Month Club

Pour More also offers a lot different options. You can go generic or hop on their Bourbon-specific club, a Scotch club, or their regular whiskey of the month club. You can even jump down the rabbit hole of tequila if you want. Depending on your subscription and cadence, these clubs start as low as $49.


  • Highly customizable
  • As low as $49
  • Discounts for pre-paying
  • Top-notch customer service


  • Limited distribution (but they do ship to NC)
  • High shipping costs
  • Only one bottle/month
  • No online shopping

Check Out Pour More Bourbon Club


Caskers is another popular whiskey option oft ranked among the best whiskey clubs. Casker’s is an online spirits retailer that offers two clubs: one for world whiskeys and another for American Whiskeys. Similar to the Bounty Hunter Club, Caskers will send two full bottles of delicious whiskey right to your door.


  • Pause subscription or defer shipments at your leisure
  • High variety of whiskeys
  • VIP access to Caskers exclusives


  • Limited distribution (no NC shipping)
  • Two bottles means risking getting stuck with something you don’t like

View Caskers Whiskey Club Options

Craft Whiskey Club

Craft Whiskey Club is a fun option for people who are really adventurous and want to try something unique. They parter with retailers across the country to deliver a whiskey subscription of small batch and artisans bourbons, ryes, and other whiskeys from, literally, around the world. Dive into unique scotches and craft whiskeys from Sweden. CWC is partnered with great distilleries, so you can look forward to exciting boxes.


  • Two month intervals, one or two full bottles each time
  • Truly a wide variety of world whiskeys
  • Hight variety of whiskeys
  • VIP access to Caskers exclusives


  • Limited distribution (no NC shipping)
  • Two bottles means risking getting stuck with something you don’t like

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Do you have a favorite whiskey subscription? Let us know where you subscribe in the comments!

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