Can You Mix Gin and Coke?

When people think of easy rail drink orders, they are usually considering drinks like Rum and Coke, Bourbon and Ginger, Vodka Tonics. How much can these historic, classic, two ingredient cocktails be interchanged. Can you mix gin and coke?

The short answer, of course, is yes, you can mix gin and coke. You can mix anything you want. And with the right palate, you might find that you enjoy drink a gin/coke mix. However, a real cocktail scientist might tell you the sweetness in the coke and the bitterness in the gin would be a little… much.

Of course, there’s always the Cubata.

The Right Way To Mix Gin And Coke

If you really want to mix gin & coke, you should consider going away from simple two-ingredient cocktails and learning some slightly more complex mixology. By filling our your cocktail with a liqueur like Fernet, you might find these ingredients a little more satisfying.

Additionally, if you have some extra spirits on hand at your home bar, consider using just a splash of gin to liven up other classic rail drinks. A growing trend in bartenders around the country is spiking a rum-and-coke with a bit of gin to create a classic Cuba Libre cocktail.

Choose The Right Gin

Aviation American Gin
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Yeah, we’re a whiskey blog, so choosing the right gin isn’t necessarily our strongest bar skill. Having said that, we can still walk you through some gin basics.

When shopping for gin, especially for use in cocktails, it’s important to know that not all gin is created equally. London Dry Gin, like Beefeater, is modern classic gin flavor – dry with often high notes of juniper berries. Think Christmas Trees. On the other end of the spectrum you have sweetened gins like Old Tom. Some of these gins are even aged in barrels. They have a much sweeter, stronger flavor profile than the piny London Drys. You can shop various gin options at ReserveBar.

Cubata Cocktail Recipe

Traditionally, Gin and Coke have been mixed as a cocktail called the Cubata. It’s a simple cocktail, usually served in a Collins Glass. Here’s a quick recipe:


  • 2oz Dry Gin

  • 1/2oz Fresh lime juice

  • Coke, or other cola


  • Shake Dry Gin and Lime Juice in a shaker with ice. Strain into a Collins glass filled with ice
  • Top up with Coke (fill remainder of glass)
  • Garnish with a lime wedge

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