Amazon Prime Day Deals for your Home Bar

Disclaimer: I’m not usually a big fan of Amazon Prime Day. People tend to buy things because they are “on sale,” and not because they need them. Truth is, you aren’t saving money if you buy something on sale you never would have bought otherwise.

Having said that, if there are things you’ve been wanting for a while but have hesitated to dish out for (maybe because you’re saving for some BTAC or Pappy), Amazon Prime Day could be a good time to finally make that purchase and save a few bucks.

I’ve scoured some of the Amazon Prime Day deals for whiskey and bourbon related products that may enhance your home bar. Here are a few of the more compelling deals, if you’re in the market for something like this. It could also be a good time to think about holiday gifts.

Whiskey Themed Amazon Prime Day Deals

Gootus Whiskey Glasses, Set of 2

$28.72 (37% off)

amazon prime gootus whiskey glass

These double-walled, hand blown glasses are reminiscent of the Norlan glass. They are pretty popular these days and offer a lot of interesting features. Built for ergonomics and aroma, they’d make a good Christmas gift for a friend, or a complement to your current Glencairn collection. They are marked at 37% off right now, but I think that might be a little inflated. Still a good deal. Check it out.

Boston Bottles and Funnel Set

$12.39 (20% off)

boston bottles for whiskey samples

I’ll be totally honest. I have too many of these, and it’s because I love them. My bourbon friends and I, locally and abroad, love to share samples of our nicer whiskey. It’s a great way to do mystery tastings and share the experience, especially during times of Coronavirus solitude. This set a good price, prime deal or not.

Zulay Silicone Craft Ice Mold

$7.19 (20% Off)

There’s no wrong way to drink whiskey. If you prefer yours over ice… go for it. These silicon craft ice molds are great for chilled whiskey or craft cocktails, and this set will make cubs and spheres. Easy buy for yourself. Get ’em while they’re on Prime Day Deals.

JoyJolt Crystal Rocks Glasses (Set of 2)

$11.21 (75% Off)

If you’re going with the ice molds, these are a great complementary pair of rocks glasses. I think the savings Amazon indicates (75%) is definitely inflated, but these are still crystal bourbon glasses at a great price. Order while they are on sale.

Paksh Capitol Glass Whiskey Decanter

$15.99 (60% Off)

Every good home bar needs a nice whiskey decanter. Whether you want something fancy to pour your favorite whiskey from, or a nice container to create your own blends or infinity bottles. This glass decanter from Paksh is lead free and it won’t break the bank. Solid offer, buy it now.

Kollea Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones

$14.39 (20% Off)

Whiskey Stones aren’t my thing, but they might be yours. These stainless steel “ice cubes” can help chill your whiskey without watering it down. Some people prefer to drink their higher proof whiskeys this way… more power to you! Now’s a great time to try them out if it’s something you’ve been considering. Read more on Amazon.

There are a lot more great deals out there. So if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber then take some time to shop around. Just don’t get roped into the scams, and only buy something you actually want/need. You can find all the whiskey related deals here.

Do you have anything on your wishlist? Let us know in the comments!

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