How To Pour Whiskey Into A Glass Or Flask Without Spilling

We’ve all been there. Cracked a fresh new fancy bottle to celebrate a big event (or a Tuesday night). You rip open the wax, pull the cork, and move to pour the bourbon in a clean Glencairn. Your friends look on in awe, anticipating the smell and taste, and their mouths start to water. But each glass you pour, a little drip slips down the bottle. That precious liquor isn’t a tax to the devil or the angels. It’s a sad waste of perfectly good beverage. If you’ve been there all too often, read on to learn how to pour whiskey into a glass or hip flask without spilling a drop.

Pouring Whiskey Into A Glass

Whiskey bottles, while fun and beautiful, can sometimes be a pain to pour from. Maybe it’s the grip or the spout, they always tend to make a mess. The best way to avoid any spilling or dripping while pouring bourbon or scotch into a glass is to use a liquor spout. You’ve seen these at the bar, and bartenders swear by them. They control the flow of whiskey out and air in for a steady, calibrated pour. Many are even calibrated to pour an ounce at a time, to make sure you get accurate measurements for your cocktails. Here’s are a couple great options on Amazon:

Tapered Liquor Pourers

Measured Liquor Pourers

Mid-Pour Shut-Off Pourers

How To Pour Whiskey Into A Flask

Flasks are trickier. The opening is often so small even the previously linked pourers will not suffice to fill a flask easily. Some of the pourers with smaller spouts might fit, but a funnel would often be a more convenient tool for getting your whiskey into the flask.

Many kitchen funnels are bigger than necessary. Make sure you find a smaller funnel that will fit into your flask but also allow for proper airflow. I don’t have a ton of recommendations for funnels, but I use this:

Nopro Stainless Steel Funnels, Set of 3

Hopefully you now have enough information to pour whiskey confidently and fill your flasks with ease. Let us know in the comments if you have any other recommendations.

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