Flaviar Prank Gift… More Worth It Than You Think

If you read NC Whiskey much, you know I’m a fan of Flaviar. As someone who like to explore new whiskey, I think it’s actually a pretty good deal. Even more so than that, I think Flaviar is one of the most fun gifts you can give. For me, it’s one of those things that’s interesting but I hesitate to spend money on it. So, when I get a gift like Flaviar, I can thoroughly enjoy it. Enter: the 2020 Holiday gag gift from Flaviar: Prank Gifts.

Flaviar Prank Gifts

Flaviar’s Prank Gifts are uniquely hilarious, and they are actually pretty convincing. A boring yet reasonable gift turns out to be a great Flaviar subscription. Here’s how it works:

You buy your friend or family member the ultimate gag gift. Maybe it’s a co-worker in a Secret Santa exchange. Maybe it’s a White Elephant party. Maybe it’s a loved one’s gift wrapped under the tree. Regardless, they think they are opening something a bit mundane… a pair of socks, a neck tie, a coffee mug. Lame.

Flaviar Prank Gift

Turns out, it’s really an elaborate gift card for a Flaviar subscription! What they thought was a dumb cheap gift is actually a great, high value whiskey experience. What comes with the actual gift? Consider all the following:

  • Quarterly tasing box with three 50mL samples, to discover new tastes
  • One full, 750mL bottle of whiskey (~$45) each quarter… member’s choice
  • Entry to live tasting events
  • Exclusive access to Flaviar’s special release collections
  • Access to the Flaviar member community

… all for as little as $75 per quarter.

Is is worth it, though?

If it’s in your gift-budget, the Flaviar Prank Gift is definitely worth it. More and more, people are interested in experiences over material gifts. Instead of gifting one or two bottles your giftee may not even enjoy, Flaviar gives them the opportunity to explore new whiskey and bourbon, and select some good bottles for themselves. It’s really the best of both worlds. Who do you know that would appreciate this gift? Read more on Flaviar and get your holiday shopping out of the way.

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